Saturday, October 11, 2008

Project 3: Treasuring TIme

Wedding moment is the most precious moment of everyone's life(married couples).
My design is for capturing the moment of wedding.
This is the another way of guest book.

The main concept of my design:
1. Guests of wedding write some well-wising remarks to bride and groom.

2. After writing message, guests are making the cone shape and stick into inner hole. ( the message paper has little snap so that it is easy to make cone shape and stick (it is not falling out from inner hole))
3. After gathering everyone's message it becomes a one sphere shape of hanging decoration. (if electronics are allow, I will make it as a hanging light).
4.Bride and Groom receive this after their honeymoon. they will keep this for a long time and they will celebrate every wedding anniversary.
5. Whenever couples want to remember their wedding moment, they read the each message and memories and remind that wedding moment.

Materials: Plastic paper( It can not tear easily)
Colour: White( symbol of pure)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Video Reflection 6:Designing dream machines

After I watched this video, It made me realise the real life of design that is typically experienced by a design consultant agency. It is not just thinking new ideas and drawing sketches all day. I was really suprised that designer can not design a product as their wish but shoud listen the client's request, even though their client does not have basic design sense or knowledge. I think if my client has totally different idea and disagree my design, I will get so much stress. However, this video shows that designers always has to listen their client's decision whether or not they agree, becuase it is an essential rule between client and designer. The communication between designer and client is most important design process in the real design industry.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project 2 : Postal Present

Fruit Holder ( Fruit Bowl)

This Project was to make a postal present that could be sent through mail in A4 size envelope. I took this main brief to create Fruit holder.

Material: 0.5mm Polypropylene

This is the way to make Fruit bowl

step 1 : when you recieve it, it is a one piece of plstic sheet. There is snap(button) on the each side of sheet. step 2 : holding the plastic sheet and inserting two arrows into another side of hole. step 3: After inserting, make it flat and ready to bendstep 4 :holding each side and closing the snap.step 5: Finish

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bad Design

KinKo's Ticket Machine

I personally think this is one example of bad design . The reason is there are two parts of ticket place,but due to "lighting" of left ticket place, people are confused about the place of tickets coming out. Actually one of part is for putting note to buy ticket and the other part is for pulling out tickets. Even if the lighting is has direction which is heading to inside, users can expect lighting place to be their ticket place. I personally suggest that if the light turns off when ticket is coming out, people would not be confused about the place to take their ticket.