Thursday, August 28, 2008

Task3-Product Sketches

Inspired! Design Across Time
Table-vase by Philippe Starck France, 1988

From the French president’s private apartments to hotels, cafes and department stores, Starck’s designs for furniture, home wares and even pasta ‘with a twist’ have made him internationally famous. This unusual table, I personally like the shape of four legs of table. It seems like four vases are supporting table. I was also so surprised that it was designed in 80'sAustralian International Design Awards
'PV-1' Exhaust Fume Filtration Unit by Brook Tait Styles

Current vehicle workshop environments are almost entirely confined spaces. PV-1 extracts vehicle emissions to prevent the worker from being exposed to the highly dangerous substances.
I like the colour that designer choose because yellow and gray colour presents the safety place. and it does not look like a bulky thing that does not occupy space.

Modern Times: Modernism in Australia
"Swivel Chair" 1961 designed by Clement Meadmore

Ecologic: Creating a Sustainable Future

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

video reflection 4: Paul Bennett (Designing Detail)

The major take home message from Paul Bennett's presentation is how small things are helping to create big. It was impressing me so much. The one of examples of this point was flimming the hospital ceiling. I thought it was an small act but it was actually quit effective way of understanding patient (consumer) problems. Paul pointed out this as looking at the situation from point of view of person out as suppose to traditional position of organization in. Moreover, he called this as "revolution". After i watched this video, I also realized that the biggest improvement and best solution desinger have made so far is also very simple. As a designer, I will keep in mind of point that I learned from Paul Bennett whenever I design something.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Video Reflection 3 :Yves Behar (Creating objects that tell stories)

The main thing that I have learned from Yves presentation is ,as designer, we should try to provide something with value and meaning. As the title of video, he emphasized that meaningful designs tell story and those will even change the world. I actually did not fully understand how designs tell the story, but I guess it means how well interact between product and user. Via this video,He convinced me to understand why the world needs industrial designers and helped to change my attitude toward studies more seriously.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Video Reflection 2: Ross Lovegrove (Organic Design)

My major take-home message from Ross Lovegrove’s video is how important to get inspiration from nature and how organic design influence to enrich consumer’s emotion and soul. Ross emphasized on nature foams of design. The 3 things considered by Ross are D (design), N (nature) and A (art). As his philosophy, observing environment is starting point of creating his product. It seems to be easy but I have been missed this point so far. The water bottle that he designed represents icon of water itself. If I were he, I would more focusing on function and possibility of manufacturing rather than delivering impression of water. That was the point that I was really impressed. From his presentation I realized how minimal forms reflect maximum beauty.

Task2 : Good Design

Silicone Travel Bottle
Desinger: Paul Koh
Client: Paul Koh

The most travelers could experience leak of contents in their luggage during traveling and hard to use of inflexible containers. Designer Paul Koh considered those inconvenient and invented the new silicone travel bottle that has solved the most defectives of previous travel bottle. The body of this container is light bulb shape and the opening cap is positioned at the bottom so that users do not need to wait until contents dispense. An integral O-ring also prevents leaks. Moreover, Paul Koh’s travel bottle is used flexible transparency silicone instead of hard plastic so that container makes comfortable to squeeze with minimum force and it is easy to recognize what is inside. The wide mouth makes easy to fill and clean. Best of all, this bottle can hold two fluid ounce that are TSA standard.

COLOUR: half transparency sky blue and white colour are harmonized
BALANCE: symmetrical body shape helps to move the centre of gravity to bottom, enables to stand bottle by itself.