Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Task2 : Good Design

Silicone Travel Bottle
Desinger: Paul Koh
Client: Paul Koh

The most travelers could experience leak of contents in their luggage during traveling and hard to use of inflexible containers. Designer Paul Koh considered those inconvenient and invented the new silicone travel bottle that has solved the most defectives of previous travel bottle. The body of this container is light bulb shape and the opening cap is positioned at the bottom so that users do not need to wait until contents dispense. An integral O-ring also prevents leaks. Moreover, Paul Koh’s travel bottle is used flexible transparency silicone instead of hard plastic so that container makes comfortable to squeeze with minimum force and it is easy to recognize what is inside. The wide mouth makes easy to fill and clean. Best of all, this bottle can hold two fluid ounce that are TSA standard.

COLOUR: half transparency sky blue and white colour are harmonized
BALANCE: symmetrical body shape helps to move the centre of gravity to bottom, enables to stand bottle by itself.

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