Thursday, September 18, 2008

video reflection 5: Annie Leonard(The story of stuff)

Annie Leonard's video mainly tells what the products we design are being used for, where we get our materials from and where it ends up. She discussed America's contribution towards resources and waste. I was really shocked that how much of resources are consumed for just one product. After watching this video, I realized the seriousness of wastes. When I become an industrial designer, I should designed product which is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Project 1: Experience Enrichment


Target Market:
-My generation of Korean both female and male but someone who have been living in Australia for a long time.
-They have been influenced Korean culture as well as Australian culture.
-They were experienced "Cultural Clash" when they were little.

- Redesigning hand tool for well harmonizing both culture.
- Giving experience enrichment to Korean-Australian.

Barbecue culture (common culture between two countries.)
-Korea : scissors and tong is essential tools (scissors for cutting
meat into bite size pieces or cooking faster). The reason is Asian main cutlery is spoon and chopstick.
-Australia : when meat cooked, using carving knife and fork to cut meat

Feature of my design
- It has two functions( scissors and curving knife and fork)
- Scissors can be separated into Carving Knife and Fork
- Each pieces are made out of one material(one piece of stainless steel): easy to clean

Physiological Pleasure

-graceful and unique design
-symmetrical shape : consume hold handle either way
-large handle contacts every fingers

Sociological Pleasure
-Cultural interchange between Australia and Korea
-Symbol of Korean-Australian (social belonging)
-Talking point

Physiological Pleasure

-Fun to disconnect scissors
-Users can feel pleasure to use both functions
-Users can satisfy of unique design

Ideological Pleasure

- Outdoor place, Users can reduce stuffs to carry (multi-function)
-Carving fork and Knife are made out of one piece of stainless steel so that it is easy to clean