Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project 2 : Postal Present

Fruit Holder ( Fruit Bowl)

This Project was to make a postal present that could be sent through mail in A4 size envelope. I took this main brief to create Fruit holder.

Material: 0.5mm Polypropylene

This is the way to make Fruit bowl

step 1 : when you recieve it, it is a one piece of plstic sheet. There is snap(button) on the each side of sheet. step 2 : holding the plastic sheet and inserting two arrows into another side of hole. step 3: After inserting, make it flat and ready to bendstep 4 :holding each side and closing the snap.step 5: Finish


Adrian.Leones said...

What i like about this design Mina, is the different way you can hold the fruit in such a shape that it allows the idea of the apple being swallowed up by a snake. What you could improve on maybe, is to add a more appealing colour, grey doesn't feel like a good choice in a kitchen, too dull.

Jenny said...

Mina, i like how you've developed such a unique fruit bowl. the method of assembly is very clear and quite good as it isn't too fiddly.
the only thing i would be concerned about is if the fruits would fall out if you were to pick up the fruit bowl.other than that, nice design. =)

Eric chau said...

Great development with such a simple piece of polypro plastic. This gift would be effective to the person who enjoys the extra pleasure of having something beautiful in the house. Concern how ever is area it actually takes up, as the fruit holder cannot dangle off the table. Overall great design