Saturday, October 11, 2008

Project 3: Treasuring TIme

Wedding moment is the most precious moment of everyone's life(married couples).
My design is for capturing the moment of wedding.
This is the another way of guest book.

The main concept of my design:
1. Guests of wedding write some well-wising remarks to bride and groom.

2. After writing message, guests are making the cone shape and stick into inner hole. ( the message paper has little snap so that it is easy to make cone shape and stick (it is not falling out from inner hole))
3. After gathering everyone's message it becomes a one sphere shape of hanging decoration. (if electronics are allow, I will make it as a hanging light).
4.Bride and Groom receive this after their honeymoon. they will keep this for a long time and they will celebrate every wedding anniversary.
5. Whenever couples want to remember their wedding moment, they read the each message and memories and remind that wedding moment.

Materials: Plastic paper( It can not tear easily)
Colour: White( symbol of pure)

1 comment:

cheong-ah (josephine) said...

hi mina
personally i like your design and idea.
it is good present for bride and groom to celebrate their anniversary. also it the white color and the black words are suitable together.
i think it is great !!