Friday, May 14, 2010

Task 6: The story of bottled water

Whenever I watch the series of The story of stuff, I learned and realise the problems in our everyday life. I especially wanted to watch 'The story of bottled water' because this is quit relevent issues with what Im doing for marketing subject. When i was in Korea. I rarely buy the bottled water becuase I can access boiled water everywhere. I dont know whether it is true or not, almost all korean think that tap water is not good for their health, so what we normally do is boiling the water and making barley tea. Since I came to Sydney,I know it is different culture, I have seen many poeple buying the bottled water which is almost same price as soft drink. I was really wondering about expensive price of bottled water.

As she said in the vidoe, people in the US buy bottled water more than half billion in every week. It happens same in Australia. The rate of comsumption of bottled water is really high.
The most socking fact is all bottled water comes form tap water. wow! what is the point of we paying for bottled water at the shop! The price which is 2000 times expensive than tap water is not the only problem. The most important problem is disposing of empty bottled water. She also mentioned that 80% of plastic goes to landfill. It means only 20 % are actually recyled. I think we all kind of trashing our world. From now on, we stop buying bottled water and even though we buying the plastic bottled water we better recycled the plastic bottle or reuse to something else.

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