Sunday, March 28, 2010

Task3 - The 11th Hour

This movie was focused on showing realities of recent environment. Glaciers at North Pole are melting; tress at forest are cutting down and burning. Those scenes were repeated with narration. Actually we all know about this but each of us did not realise how close those problems are facing to us. Thus even all the environmentalists and narration were kept criticizing problems such as human wastes, pollution and world economical structure that is rely on petroleum but they are not actually suggesting any solutions. It means we need to think about problems seriously.
We should start wise purchase. If we assumed that one-year is the time since earth born, we are a point of 11: 57, 31st of December. We (human) appeared 60 seconds ago but we has been destroyed most of environments.

Is a man the lord of the creation? I do not think so.
We have been used our natural resources wastefully. We seemed like we had right to control everything. Indeed, those are not our privilege. I remember one quote in this movie which is ‘when human destroy nature, the thing destroyed is human themselves. That means we are cutting off our noses to split our faces.

So what should we do?
At the end of this movie, they gave us some suggestions how we change our nature sustainably such as natural gas car, environmental friendly buildings and alternative energies (solar power). If we well accept those suggestion we will be extend life of earth alive. Start now! We do not have enough time !

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