Sunday, March 14, 2010

Task2 : Objectified

When I meet someone new and once introduced myself, the first question I always face with is “what does industrial designers do?” I think average people in this world they do not realize how much design contributes in their daily life and products which is daily used by them. Before I watched this video I was also unclear to define industrial design. But now I find out what to answer.

According to Alice Rawsthorn’s mention, pretty much everything around us and every moment we use are all designed. So, every designed object tells a story. However, most of users are failure to notice about stories behind the product. Andrew Blauvelt talked about hidden story about toothpick. I was impressed by the point which this little object is also considerably designed and represent designers’ cultural context and its functionality.

The designers from ‘Smart Design’ pointed out the method we should focus on when we design something. Understanding people what they need is first thing designer should think about. But the thing is we must look at the extremes not common thing, such as weakest group. The reason is middle group can take care of themselves. The result of design which solves the extreme problems will also satisfy common users need.

One great part of this video was story about Apple. He mentioned about different attributes of the product such as materials or forms connected materials. For example of this is Macbook Air. The designers from Apple were considered how can we product many single parts in just one. That was not about aesthetic issues (we mostly think is design) but processes of design. They put much more effort and time for experimenting with different process and fixtures which is not even obvious.

The common point from various designers was “putting great design into everyday thing without user even knowing it or thinking of it”. I believe design is something we do not realize but we can not live without and without better.

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