Thursday, October 29, 2009

Simplicity System is a project that wants to redesign the way of laying the dining table. Inspired by traditional customs, the project composes a logical and esthetical distribution of the tableware using a series of white porcelain objects that joined together create the appearance of the dining table. Dining is a moment of relax, but it can however be nice to remember some traditional rules and in a simple way prepare a fine looking table. The smaller side plates, which all are connected to the main plate, have a border to define the different functional areas and the joints. The borders on the side plates are symmetric on both faces to allow use in different positions (right, top or left). The plates are all seem to float 2,5 millimetres above the table, because of the borders. The total height of the plates is 10 millimetres. Version nr.1 is composed by 3 pieces (main plate, rectangular plate, round plate) Version nr. 2 is composed by 4 pieces (main plate, rectangular plate, round plate, candelstick plate) Version nr. 3 is composed by 5 pieces (main plate, rectangular plate, round plate, candelstick plate, bigger rectangular plate)

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