Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Project 1: Experience Enrichment


Target Market:
-My generation of Korean both female and male but someone who have been living in Australia for a long time.
-They have been influenced Korean culture as well as Australian culture.
-They were experienced "Cultural Clash" when they were little.

- Redesigning hand tool for well harmonizing both culture.
- Giving experience enrichment to Korean-Australian.

Barbecue culture (common culture between two countries.)
-Korea : scissors and tong is essential tools (scissors for cutting
meat into bite size pieces or cooking faster). The reason is Asian main cutlery is spoon and chopstick.
-Australia : when meat cooked, using carving knife and fork to cut meat

Feature of my design
- It has two functions( scissors and curving knife and fork)
- Scissors can be separated into Carving Knife and Fork
- Each pieces are made out of one material(one piece of stainless steel): easy to clean

Physiological Pleasure

-graceful and unique design
-symmetrical shape : consume hold handle either way
-large handle contacts every fingers

Sociological Pleasure
-Cultural interchange between Australia and Korea
-Symbol of Korean-Australian (social belonging)
-Talking point

Physiological Pleasure

-Fun to disconnect scissors
-Users can feel pleasure to use both functions
-Users can satisfy of unique design

Ideological Pleasure

- Outdoor place, Users can reduce stuffs to carry (multi-function)
-Carving fork and Knife are made out of one piece of stainless steel so that it is easy to clean


James Turnbull said...

It's really good how you have chosen to develop a product that breaks down cultural barriers. Consideration to moral values is a good starting point. Product development that incorporates values from two vastly different cultures so it appeals to both is a hard thing to execute well and I think it has been done successfully here.
Recognising a common element in both cultures and honing that has created a great starting point.
The users from both cultures feel enriched from a cultural standpoint as they are promoting multiculturalism.
The product looks anthropometrically pleasing although unfortunately I didn't get an opportunity to interact with the product.
I think the product could be improved by making the scissor shape a little more inconspicuous and improving the anthropometric shape of the handles when using them as a knife and fork.
Otherwise, it's great. Nice work.
James Turnbull.

Ray C said...


Fantastic idea. I love all this everything in one concept that a few of us have warmed to. Great!
The overall realism of your model shows your dedication to the model overall and I must say how it visualizes your idea perfectly. Definitely something I wouldn't mind trying out. The one-piece nature of both the sides is great, would definitely make it easier to clean and lessen the possibility of germs and or bacteria to linger. The only thing I'm not so sure about is the curving nature of the scissor handle which might disrupt the way you hold the fork and knife. I'm saying this only because I myself haven't tried out your product first hand. But you probably have addressed this thickness problem, so I'm hoping it would feel really comfortable when grasped. Other than this, really good job on your overall idea and final appearance model. =]


Hollie Baigent said...

Mina my darling,

Great idea... i watched you work on this from the start and its turned out to be fantastic!

i agree with james in the way that you have defiantly thought about the values behind the product... For your target market culture is of the essence, and i think its great how you have tried to incoperate this in both is functional and aesthetical attributes.
I like how you have incorperated a 2 in 1 functionality, greatly improving the common scissors today. More so,the user is able to pull apart the product for its other functions. Thus making it more pleasurable as they can self assemble and dissassemble the product. The product is enriched by a human experience and a great talking point.

Upon first glance it looks like a stationary object.. because of the scissors but once the user takes a closer look it is actually useable in the kitchen. To make this definitatin clearer i thought you could of made the cutting knfe aspect with a larger stronger handle... to also make a clear distinction between the fork and the knife itself. I also noticed with scissors and in the kitcken stainless steel is great and like you said easy to clean, and i really think a ergonomically silicon rubber grip handle could complement this well.

Mina, a funky little design, that could go a long way! well done!

Nitzan Cohen said...

great design
i love how you have tried to break down some cultural barriers by addressing them both.
i think this product enriches peoples experience as no matter what they are eating they can feel like they are having some kind of special experience.
it looks quite fun to just play with
my only conern is that maybe the scissors might come apart while cutting with them if you are trying to cut meat which is quite hard to cut and maybe they would fall apart?
also i agree with hollie that maybe consider more ergonomical handles made out of a softer more rubbery material
other than that i think its great. very cute

Phillip Serna said...

I saw the proces of this design & i believe it works as it was intended to be: a practical, multi-uses object that defenetly enriches the users experience. The presentation of cutlery & cissors into one is a rare but utile idea. I believ that for the aimed target the product would work. The consumers values & need are satisfied & the object itself is intriguing. Well done Mina